Does the Party Wall Act just create hassle and Expense?

No, it can save you a lot of trouble, time and expense if things are not put in place correctly from the outset. You wish to proceed with your works as quickly as possible with as little interference to or from any neighbour. A Party wall Award, will ensure all is in place to allow smooth progression, But getting the correct notices service initially is an important step in this…

How Much will a Party Wall Award Cost?

This depends on how many factors are involved and how many adjoining owners. We can Act as your Surveyor, and liaise with your neighbours Surveyors, or we can under the Act become an Agreed Surveyor where you and your neighbours agree that we can carry out the Award. We have to act impartial when creating the Award and we listen to both sides to find compromise . A chat with…

If my Neighbour agrees (consents) to the proposed works, does that end the Party Wall Process?

If after serving the valid Party Wall Notices your neighbours does agree(consents) in writing, then yes you can proceed with your planned works, You still of course have a duty that any works carried out are correctly executed and any damage caused would be a matter for common law, but your neighbour could also change their mind and therefore trigger the Act and require an Award to be drawn up.

What would happen if a Notice is Not Served?

The failure or avoidance of serving a Notice can lead to expensive delays and legal costs if the Adjoining Owners seek to stop the Building Owners work. The Adjoining Owners can apply for a Court Injunction against the Building Owners or their Builder to stop unauthorised works. The Adjoining Owners can even apply for a Mandatory (pulling down) Injunction against works wholly or partly completed.

Can I serve Notices Myself?

Yes you can. However, any errors or omissions contained in the Notice can render it invalid which would require you to serve a further Notice with the potential of delaying your building project. At PWS KENT we provide a Party Wall Notice drafting service. From just £45.00, we will draft the required Notice(s) to ensure your project is not delayed due to any invalid Party Wall Notice. We are happy…