Party Wall Surveyors Margate

If you are looking to carry out any works that may be notifiable in relation to the Party Wall Act 1996 then we can assist you.

From carrying out the creation of Notices to be served in relation to Party Wall works in Margate through to Full Party Wall Awards for all Matters in Margate we can help.

Whether as your Party Wall Surveyor in Margate or as an agreed surveyor with your neighbours we ensure that all notices are fully compliant and all awards or quickly dealt with are prepared and served to allow you to get on with your work as soon as possible.

We also carry out Condition Reports in Margate allowing both you and your neighbour to be sure of any starting condition so that no disputes can be raised unduly later on.

If you are an “Adjoining Owner” and your Margate neighbour has served notice on you regarding forthcoming intended work in compliance with the Party Wall Works in Margate then we can assist you in ensuring your building is protected in the event of any damage being caused. and If you are the Adjoining owner any costs in referring to ask would be covered by your neighbour carrying out the works.

Call us on 01227 671765 to discuss your project and any costs that may be involved

Party Wall Surveyor Margate – Helping you with all Party Wall Matters