What is a Party Wall Notice?

A Party Wall Notice is an important legal document that property owners and their neighbours need to be aware of when they plan to do renovation, excavation, rebuilding or development in an existing structure. This document serves as formal communication between two adjoining landowners that a work site is to be established on the owner’s side of the shared boundary.

The notice is intended to inform the other party of details of the works and the materials to be used. It also helps protect the rights of the adjoining homeowner, making sure that the work does not damage the adjoining home or affect their quality of life in any way. The notice also protects the rights of the property owner making the changes, providing legal protection if their work is obstructed by the adjoining homeowner.

The party wall notice is a complex legal document but it is an essential part of making revisions to a property. It can save time, money and hassle down the road so it is worth understanding and taking seriously. Properly serving a party wall notice is an important step in protecting the interests of all involved.

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