What is a Party Wall Agreement?

A Party Wall Agreement is a contractual agreement detailing the rights, duties and liabilities of adjacent property owners.

This agreement kicks in when one owner decides to carry out work that affects the ‘party wall’ between the two properties.

This could be the installation of a new wall, a loft conversion, an extension, or digging of footings within a certain distance of the party wall.

The Party Wall Agreement contains more detailed information about the type of works being done, as well as detailing what rights each owner has.

It will also set out time frames for when each party needs to respond and provide consent or disapproval. The Party Wall Agreement will also include how any damage to either property caused by the works will be paid for and details of who will be responsible for the upkeep of the shared wall.

Ultimately, it’s important to have a Party Wall Agreement in place to protect the interests of both parties, as one party isn’t able to move ahead with work without the other’s agreement.

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