Party Wall Surveyors Kent

Party Wall Surveyors Kent

Dont be caught out and unprepared.

As a building owner you are responsible for ensuring the Party Wall process is followed- not your contractors – but it can help you and them to get on with your project , provide access when you think you may not get it and give you the rights to carry out the works you need to do.

If you have a forthcoming project that you have been informed or you think may require notices to the be serviced in regards to the the Party Wall Act 1996 then we can help.

We ensure that your notices are correct, and served in the appropriate manner, that all correspondence with adjoining owners is quick allowing you to hopefully progress with the consent of your neighbours quickly, however if further services are required such as a condition schedule of a property or for a full Party Wall Award to be drafted then we are able to provide these for you.

Getting your Party Wall notices correctly can save you a lot of trouble and expense down the line, call us today on 01227 671765 or use our contact page